The Rector’s Speech An Giang, November 20th 2017

The Rector's Speech

An Giang, November 20th 2017



-    Distinguished Guests,

-    Teachers and international lecturers,

-    Students,

-    Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Vietnam Teachers' Day, on behalf of the Party Committee, the University Rector Board, I warmly welcome and send best wishes to all delegates, teachers and staffs who have been and will make important contributions to education career under the roof of An Giang University.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the history of human cognition, we has always appreciated the role of education and of the teachers. 27 centuries ago, in the East, Confucius said: "Education and the development of the virtue is the key to economic development, and economic development is the basis for the development of education" 1 In the west, the mathematician Leibniz strongly declared, "Those who own education can change the world". In the Americas, Professor Clark Kerr, former Chancellor of the University of California, a leading American higher education leader, said during his inauguration (1958): "In the eyes of the community, the actors on the world stage can be athletes and politicians, generals and diplomats, but no one can dare to ignore the classroom, laboratories and libraries, things that are behind the scenes but where history really is created" .

Recognizing the importance of education, in 1946 the international organization of progressive educators was founded, called the "International Union of Educational Unions. "For the world community to know and remember the important role of teachers, in 1957, the Conference "International Union of Education Unions" (FISE) meeting in Warsaw (Poland) decided to take on November 20 is the International Day of Teachers. One year later (1958), Vietnam celebrated its first anniversary on November 20th. Especially, on 28/9/1982, the Council of Ministers issued Decision No. 167 / HDBT on the official date of November 20th as Vietnam Teachers' Day. This event shows the interest of the Party and the State in the position and role of the teacher and at the same time shows the deep humanity of this decision. Since then, on November 20th, the annual festival has become a traditional festival of the entire people, being held throughout the country solemnly organized to honor the teachers and education of the country.

Dear our beloved delegates, teachers & students,

Vietnamese people are proud of the appearance of Nguyen Ai Quoc - Ho Chi Minh as an integrated phenomenon of the two cultures of the East - West on the basis of national traditions. Receiving the quintessence of oriental thought, our president Ho Chi Minh advised: "For the sake of ten years, we must plant trees, for the sake of 100 years, we should cultivate people." He said: "A good teacher - the teacher who is worthy being the teacher - is the most glorious. Although they are not named in the newspaper, not a medal, good teachers are heroes. This is something very glorious". Long time ago, our country formed the tradition of "being deferential to teacher and respecting for moral" & "Teaching is the most noble profession". All this is really engraved in the heart of the Vietnamese people and become beautiful & become the traditional cultural values of the nation. In addition, I believe that, despite contemporary changes, these values and beauty still remain with the people.

This year, we celebrate Vietnam Teachers' Day during the Fourth National Assembly session, the XIV session is taking place in Hanoi and the Central Resolution 6, the XII legislature issued less than a month ago (25/10/2017). Both of these important events are devoted to a significant portion of the education reform from pre-school to university. This shows that the role of the teacher has never been ignored. It is also the positive attitude of those responsible education career and to the country. Even though we know that every new thing is mostly born with many difficulties, because they are weak and even deviate, just believe that the new as the representative of progress, superiority more than the old ones. The new things are usually consistent with the rules. It will definitely win and replace the backward & the old ones.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the last school year (2016 - 2017), many individuals and units have achieved high achievements that I would like to briefly mention some of the following: The Party Executive Board and the management apparatus were strengthened: 30 Party Cell and more than 700 Party members completed the 2017-2020 Congress; the Congress of Deputies of Trade Union term 2017-2022, the 7th Congress of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union term 2017-2019 were successfully organized, many new organizations and units have been formed, including the An Giang University Council term 2017-2022; The Dormitory Service Center is 100% financially self-reliant, making it the 8th autonomous institution; mono-disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific research groups were formed; 33 teachers and staff achieved PhD and Master degree in the country and abroad, which increased the total number of PhDs and MA holders to  48 and 427 respectively. Up to now, the University has had 98 teachers and staff members gaining PhDs and Master's degrees abroad and 138 attending graduate program 44 of whom are studying abroad. The University, collaborating with the Department of Education and Training, successfully organized the National High School exam for 13,212 candidates. Also, the Pedagogy Practice School rapidly developed in terms of quality and quantity: 99.5% of 12th grade students in graduated high school and 99.5% of them entered universities and colleges; 99.3% of 9th grade students passed the 10th grade entrance exam to study in public schools in the province and many of them successfully enter high schools of Long Xuyen city: Thoai Ngoc Hau High School for the Gifted, Long Xuyen high school. Semi-boarding is expanded with 630 children under the 100% financially self-reliant model, with regular activities achieving good results and high trust of parents; The school received 03 Certificates of Merit from the Provincial People's Committee; 85 officials and employees are recognized "Best performers" at the University level and the province level. 02 collectives and 36 individuals were awarded certificates of merit by the provincial People's Committee, 08 "excellent labor collectives"; the Strategy plan for University  Development  for 2017-2025 with a vision to 2030 is issued. The University Science Journal was accepted by the Council of State Title to be graded in the science works for brevet Professor or Assoc. Professor.

International cooperation activities have been expanded, such as welcoming 53 delegations of overseas guests with 276 visiting times, increasing 96 ones compared to that of last year, among  whom are such prestigious organizations, institutions and schools as Erasmus - Europe, Teachers for Vietnam, Everywhere & Anywhere, Australian National University, Linnaeus University, Swiss College of Agriculture, Giessen University, Damstard University, Univerisity of Applied Science, Tolouse III University; Saga University, JICA, Andalas University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Assumption University, and Asian Institute of Technology, etc. Thanks to these cooperation activities, our university has been sponsored numerous scholarships for doctor or master education. We have also initiated 13 cooperation projects, exchanging students and lectures with many universities and organizations around the world, organizing several international workshops, community programs, and attracting a great number of professors coming to work and teach at An Giang University.

Student activities have achieved many remarkable accomplishments, including 01 award granted by the National Youth Union, 05 Maths Olympiads awards, 05 individual awards and top  three team awards for the National Physics Olympiads, agreement Grant received more than 3 billion VND, gaining the best achievement of the National Youth Union in Green Summer  Campaign 2017; 21 Certificates of Recognition granted by the President of An Giang People's Committee, 626 Certificates of Academic Achievement and Student Campaign granted by the Rector of AGU; students from all three academic levels in Pedagogical Practice School achieved high academic achievement in the National excellent student competition, including 05 national awards, 13 provincial awards and 57 awards at city level.

Another piece of good news is that since the beginning of this school year, the MOET has issued a Decision to approve AGU's 7 new training programs, 2 of which are post-graduate ones (Animal husbandry, Education Management) and the other 5 are graduate ones. Moreover, thanks to the effort of many individuals and units of AGU, the External Assessing Mission of Education Assessment Center of Viet Nam National University - Ho Chi Minh City has appreciated AGU's educational foundation this October and is going to officially declare the results this December.

The Rector Board highly praises many generations of teacher and student, who have contributed to the university, for bringing about these honorable achievements. On this occasion, The Rector Board also want to express our gratefulness to all of the organizations, individuals as well as volunteers from many distant countries who have considerably contributed to the development of AGU over time.

Dear all the teachers!

Your strength makes up the university's strength. Up to now, as our whole country has experienced difficult time, the university has also faced many difficulties and challenges, including work related to professional knowledge. The Rector Board hope that our dear teachers will share and contribute your knowledge as well as your strength to keep the university through hardship and develop by time.  To continue the tradition of our predecessors, we should work hard to be good teachers, for "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others" and "Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth". The Rector Board hope that you will never stop improving your professional knowledge, competence and work ethics in order to keep dedicating to our educational career, take continuous innovation and creativity to be our guideline, make AGU an important university in the region.

Dear all AGU's students of all ages!

Recently, I feel relieved to see the love of students giving their teacher fresh flowers; I feel very happy and highly appreciate that both teachers and students together participate in sports games, music performance with so much care and enthusiasm as precious presents in order to welcome the traditional day of the education sector at our University .

Ladies and gentlemen!

"The destinies of the future lie in judicious education; an education that must be universal, to be beneficial". Therefore, numerous countries have tried their best to develop education, especially in the god-speed technology revolution 4.0 era today, which has enormously been changing every aspect of life and must be led by education. To keep education up-to- date, we can not do anything but always change and be creative. We must change the teacher's basic functions and duties to be the trainer and consultant and the student's to study and experience so that they can gain the most important skills of the 21st century such as: solving complicated problems, critical thinking, group-working, creativity, etc... Scientific knowledge and technology have never been such valuable and critical resources for every nation's survival and development like this era. The foundation "lifelong learning", based on the four main points of the 21 st -century  educational philosophy of UNESCO, has evolved to the four bases of new-age learning: learn to know, to do, to be with others and to be. The founder of it was Basarab Nicolescu (1942), a  Rumanian Theory Physicist and a professor of various universities in the world. Learn to know is always raising theoretical questions. Learn to do is related to having a job, making use of various skills, being flexible and having your own color; besides, always learn to be creative and create your own potential. Learn to be with others means not only respecting people but also having good attitude, which enable us to protect what we trust. Finally, learn to be doesn't equal to learn to survive but means that we need to explore and find out our situation and condition as well as to always raise questions. It can be said that these issues are identified by the University as both a duty and a central objective in teaching, learning and research in order to best meet the fundamental and comprehensive renovation of the Vietnamese education today. Learn to be with others means not only respecting people but also having good attitude, which enable us to protect what we trust. Finally, learn to be doesn't equal to learn to survive but means that we need to explore and find out our situation and condition as well as to always raise questions. It can be said that these issues are identified by the University as both a duty and a central objective in teaching, learning and research in order to best meet the fundamental and comprehensive renovation of the Vietnamese education today.

Dear my beloved students,

R.Roysingh, UNESCO's education expert said "The quality of an education does not exceed the quality of the teachers who work for it". Again, it shows that teachers are always the decisive factor in the quality of training. At the university, each teacher is "an educator", "the integration" of: teachers, scientists, managers, social service providers; each administrative officer is a "coordinator", a "skilled anchor" in the operation process; each learner should be a self-taught torch, a "torch that should be always ready to be lit, rather than just a jar waiting to be filled with water". Therefore, every individual, unit must work, study seriously and creatively because the overall result of the University is the "crystallization of knowledge" of us all.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of Vietnam Teachers' Day, on behalf of the University, I would like to express my gratitude to the profound attention and guidance of the MOET, Ho Chi Minh City National University, the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council and the People's Committee. I also would like to express my sincere thanks for the support from the leaders of departments, unions in the province, the authorities, the people of Long Xuyen City, districts, towns and cities in the province, individuals and businesses. They have helped the University complete the mission of education and training in the past 17 years. I hope that, the University will continue to receive your attention, direction, and effective help.

Once again, I would like to wish all the senior teachers, teachers, and graduate students, students, and students a full happy day, wishing you with all the best.

Thank you and best regards!


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang,

Provincial Committee Member,

Secretary of Party Committee,

Rector of An Giang University.